Lemonade Alley

Lemonade Alley

Junior Achievement & Lemonade Alley Partner

Lemonade Alley

Junior Achievement of Hawaii is excited to be partnering with Lemonade Alley!! Be sure to check out the full details at LemonadeAlley.com after you see the new stuff JA is contributing to this exciting event!!

New!! 3 Weekend Workshop Series As part of the JA integration. JA is creating a weekend workshop series that will lead kids right into the Main Event. Tentatively that means 3 2-hour play times including:

- Recipe Concocting: The finer points and tips on the art of lemonade making. Mentored by chefs and mixologists who define taste test judging criteria, do demo’s of how to use ingredients / concocting tips / mentor hands-on mix play.
- Lemonade Stand Design: The art of retail and customer experience design. Mentored by architects, interiors, graphics and other designers who define booth judging criteria, do a demo on booth design and mentor teams in hands-on concept development.
- Pitch Skits: How to make an entertaining and powerful sales performance. Mentored by acting and voice coaches who define sales pitch judging criteria, do demo’s of how to project, act, dance, etc., and mentor hands-on skit development.

Check out last years winners!

More details to come . . . .

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